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[06 Aug 2008|09:22pm]

Is the maintainer for this community still here?  

S3Ep9 [30 Jul 2008|06:01am]

"Tonight, I'm wild, I'm young, and I'm wearing leather." -- Meghan

Docuventary [20 May 2008|06:35am]

Noel went off with his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, and I'm like 'I thought I knew that guy.' Then Felicity runs off and sleeps with this art student! What was THAT about? I'm like, who ARE these people!

~ Elena
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Felicity and Ben! [04 Oct 2006|01:48pm]
If you love Felicity/Ben then please consider joining my new community for them, felicity_ben.

[18 Aug 2006|07:32pm]

Decided to get Season 4 of Felicity anyway. To me if I didn't get it it's almost like watching three quarters or one half of a movie and not knowing what is going to happen next. Thanks for the advice though everyone!

Ya gotta love Ben and Noel! [15 Aug 2006|05:31pm]

Ben and Noel at the vending machine:
Noel: Of course. I never pictured you as a payday kind of guy.
Ben: You-you picture me?
Noel: What? No! Um...I just...I needed something to say. And that's unfortunately, what came together. Ben: Right.

Sean: What's it like, living with Felicity?
Meghan: It's like living with a tv that's always playing Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters.
Sean: Do you have an opinion about Felicity and Noel?
Meghan: Yeah. First of all, no one could care less than me. Second of all, get over it, Noel! She slept with an artist, it doesn't matter.
Sean: Anything else?
Meghan: Yeah. If Noel asks me one more time, if I've seen Felicity, I'm gonna kill him! Are you listening, Mr. R.A. Here's the answer for the rest of your life. [looks into the camera] I haven't seen Felicity!

The entire scene where Noel is high on the "smart powder" in the episode Finally.
Noel to Elena: Oh my God! You look so SMALL just sitting there!
-And especially after the outburst in the library, and the way Ben laughs at him after Felicity storms out!

Noel: Hey! Hey! You still haven't seen Felicity have you?
Elena: What the hell are you on?
Noel: On? What am I on? My God, you look so small just sitting there.
Elena: And you're sweating.
Noel: [Rapidly] Of course I'm sweating, you'd be sweating too, if you were me because then you'd be me, and you'd be sweating. Is it cold in here?
Elena: No.

Meghan: What's your problem?
Noel: Wow. Well, um... I don't know where to begin.
Meghan: Hey, if you're actually gonna answer that question, could you not?

Ben Covington: Look, I... I understand why you rather see Felicity with someone like Noel. Someone who's obviously going to make it. And probably long before, I mean, I figure out what I'm going to be doing with my life. But I always remember this one thing a teacher said, which was, all the interesting people she knew they had no idea what they were going to do with their lives when they were 20. So chances are, I'm going to turn out to be a pretty interesting guy. Look, for some reason, Felicity cares about me. And on a good day, I feel like I might become everything she sees in me. It is because of that, it is because of about a million other reasons that she means pretty much the world to me.

Hey Everyone! [15 Aug 2006|05:26pm]

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Hey! I'm new to this community and absolutely enjoy Felicity. Although I have never seen Season 4 - the Senior Year. Is it any good? I have all three seasons except season 4 and just wondered if it's worth getting the Senior Year boxset.

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01 x 08: Thanksgiving [05 Mar 2006|05:11pm]

Sean: Is that what you're wearing to the party?
Ben: Yeah, I guess. Why?
Sean: I don't know. It's kind of casual.
Ben: Yeah, it's casual...
Sean: I mean, I know its a party, but Thanksgiving is also a traditional holiday... people usually get a little more dressed-up.
Ben: Look at you!
Sean: Oh, I'm just about to get changed myself! But, I say, go with a nice shirt, black jeans... classic, contempo-casual look.
Ben: Contempo-what??
Sean: Trust me. If anybody knows fashion...
Ben: Alright! I'll change.

Thought it was funny... [11 Dec 2005|02:33pm]

Felicity: I saw Blair kissing some girl in the stacks.
Noel: Are you sure?
Felicity: Yeah.
Noel: And it wasn't just a goodbye kiss that was supposed to be on the cheek, but accidentally ended up on the lips? 'Cause that happened to me and my mom once, and it was really awkward. It was like, Mom!
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Beginning of Sophomore Year [03 Aug 2005|05:54pm]

Maybe getting over someone you’re in love with isn’t impossible.
Unless, maybe you don’t actually get over it.
Maybe you just learn to live with it.

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Senior Year, Episode 11, "A Perfect Match" [26 Jul 2005|04:08pm]

"When you love someone, it's the only thing that really matters. It's the only thing." - Ben's dad

The Love Bug [23 Jul 2005|09:02pm]

Carl (to Felicity): We both have mono....so we had sex.
Meghan: Is that what that was?

not entirely accurate: [27 Jun 2005|06:42pm]

Sean: Felicity isn't the type of girl you date. She's the type you marry.

*** I love this one from Season 2 in episode 'Docuventary II' where it's something like

Ben: Felicity is judgemental. And she doesn't even appreciate when someone does something for her because they care.
Sean: So you care about her.
Ben: No.

Pointless, but none the less funny moment [26 Apr 2005|07:32pm]

(After a long night of fighting)
Noel:"Ben...are you dead?"


please help :) [09 Apr 2005|11:24am]

Hi everyone!! I am hoping someone here can be my saving grace. I, like all of you here, am a Felicity addict, and am finally re-watching my boxed set of Senior Year.

I am looking for a song though, and all the websites that list Felicity episode songs are wrong on this one, so beware. I am looking for the song that they play at the end of "Your Money or Your Wife", and part of the lyrics are as follows... "anything but how happy you've grown to be, happy without me."

It is NOT "Displaced" by Azure Ray as many of the sites seem to claim, and I am in LOVE with this song, it's gorgeous.

I would appreciate any help you could give in this arena!!

Thanks guys!

[15 Mar 2005|10:10pm]

I'm looking for another song. It's on the Box Set. It's the song they play over ben and felicity. Ben is coming out of the hospital and Felicity is going to the airport it continues to play over ben running to get to Felicity in time. The song is not the original that they played when it aired and I can't find it. Does anyone know what it is? I would be VERY grateful. Thanks! -Crys
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Haha. [13 Feb 2005|01:22am]

Meghan: Tell me where you party!
Noel: You can't handle where I party.
Meghan: You're worthless.
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Wrong Question [12 Feb 2005|11:01pm]

I'm sorry, I'm made a post and told the girl who responded that she was wrong. She wasn't, it's the right song but, I asked the wrong question. What I was wondering was the song on the DVD version of "The Biggest Deal There Is" The one where she is standing on the roof on the very end of the episode thinking about Ben. I need to know who sings the song they played over it on the dvd. Does anyone know? I would really appreciate any help...Thank! Crys

I don't know if this is allowed. [10 Feb 2005|07:32pm]

If it's not, just delete it and there will be no hard feelings. I'm a Felicity addict and I heard a song that I just loved and I would like to know who sings it, and the name of it. Anyone who can help it's the last song featured in "The Biggest Deal There Is" when Felicity is standing on the roof thinking about Ben at the very end of the episode. I love the song and anyone who could help it would be VERY appreciated!! Thanks! BTW-I'm New, my name is Crys.(female)
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[10 Feb 2005|05:16pm]

Hi... I'm new to this community, but I'm a Felicity addict!!! This is one of my fave Sally quotes...

Sally: "If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me."

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